After a few years of research on beehive architecture and handling in the industrial process for honey collection, the founder-inventor of HolycomB Apiculture has determined in a series of innovations to facilitate your work as a beekeeper and at the same time to improve the care of bees. It usefull for both, with either its altruistic character like a hobby or in a professional level where the dedicated work time can not be so broad and forces you to go faster and agile thinking more about productivity.

HolycomB Apiculture, with the aim of finding a balanced profit and making it affordable and available to anyone who wishes to progress using this technology, works in a selective network of carpenters referent in the sector and next to your region to reach agreements of collaboration to make it possible. So, we hope you can purchase soon your lifelong hive with the new protective and nonstick technology without barely increasing its market price.

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